Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What If..

Here's a blog that is filled with "What Ifs". With illustrations to match. Really worth a dekko. And add on some of your 'What Ifs'.

The one featured here is the latest entry. A guy and his take on cereal box backs.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

home sweet home

a great site for great home ideas. at

modern poverty

like this set of drain-stoppers.
and more.

p.s - love the name of the place.

free photography course!

paper relics

Thursday, January 18, 2007

hear what the others have to say about your next holiday

allow the world to tell you their stories about the various places they've visited. a great site to visit before you take off for your next holiday. complete with li'l stories, pictures and must-dos.

Human Clock

" shows a photograph of the current time, with the photo changing every minute of the day (all 1,440 occuring minutes on Earth!) Thus you end up with a rotating picture clock sorta deal.How the time is actually displayed is a whole different matter. A lot of photos have the time written on a crummy cardboard sign, while other photos might have the current time in a more edible format, such as olives. There are photos below sea level and ones over two miles above sea level. There are even clock pictures with people who played at Woodstock.Many people viewing this website end up sending in their own clock pictures, be they in an airplane, installing brakes, or on a playground in Missouri. There are clock pictures from all over the world ranging from Outback Australia to Canada to Pakistan to Antarctica to Italy to Brazil."

You're even encouraged to send in your photographs.

Newspaper Generator

rooms around the world

came across this interesting site - it has rooms from the world over. nice to see the way different people live and the different types of architecture and interiors.

featured here is a loo from spain and an i-dunno from russia.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

da da da dum

wake up the office!! here's your set of drums -

say hey to MOBA

welcome to the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)


the baseline for MOBA says "Art too bad to be ignored."



neave, paul neave. this really cool dude who does amazing things with flash. check out his super-cool site on

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

here's help has a food diary, a calorie counter adn even a fitness log. All in a pleasant website you can visit everyday and keep track of how many kilos you're losing or gaining ;)

Friday, January 05, 2007

sketch and find

just when i think "ah, added a lot to my blog today", i see another site that gets me all "my god!! there's so much out there!"

this site here is beautiful.

on the left you choose a colour and make a simple sketch of an image you have in mind. And on the right appears the images that match your sketch.


heard of flickr, right? okay, so here's a site where you can actually spell your name out with different images (of alphabets) that appear on Flickr. If you're not too pleased with the alphabet, then click on it and it gives you another option. It also gives you the html code to it, so you can put it up on your website or blog. Look right at the bottom of my blog to see me!

short film

Iain Anderson's short film Airport consists entirely of animated symbols and info graphics. Really simple and nice.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Don't Click

An interesting experiment to see whether users are hooked on to clicking with the mouse. go ahead, click on, then try not to click.

a day in the life of a shippie

an interesting site here. where you get to explore a whole ship (click to go in, click to view video et al) and see what the hotties on board do round the clock.